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3 Top of Question / Answer Websites

Monday, June 14, 2010

Ther is alot of websites that gives us a free service of asking question and peaple frome deferent world places answers us in deferent subject , and in some of that websites peaple asks 1000s of question and others gives 1000s of anwers . Beacause of That I have choosed only that 3 Top websites that cane help you in evolute you net knowledge .

1- commentcamarche : a france website that's avable in englishe too , some times +1000 Question/Day and other 1000s Answers/Day in deferent subjects and categories . That website gives other free services too :
Take a Look Her Please : commentcamarche
2- Yahoo Question/Asnwer : a Yahoo Fre service - but to ask a question you have to regester first than you cane ask a question or to answer for an other one . To ask a quetion follow that steps :
Take a Fast Look : Yahoo Q/A .
3- Google Answer : Google Answers is no longer accepting questions , it's new but huge and  big beacause it's a google service and it has attracted a lot of members to use that service ...
I dont know muche about that service but I invite to visite it and to injoy it ;  If you found it great and cool  please tell me - I like doing that Thank you .
Take a look here : Google Answers

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