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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Because we use alot the net and we surf tne net for more than 3-hours/day in using deferent net surfers programmes , but some of us dont know thet some of this net servers are bad or it contanes virous that cane heard ther computers , for that the best Net servers compannies are making ther best in other to make for us a Sweet-Good-Safty Net Surfers ; and the 3 following are the best that cane ther serfer need it .

1- Internet Explorer 8 Home : after many sccesful editions microsoft have created the Last one - Internet Explorer 8 - it's more safer then the others and very smart and sped and it contains new options ...

  1. Safer browsing with Internet Explorer 8 .
  2. Domain Highlighting .
  3. SmartScreen Filter . 
  4. InPrivate Browsing .
  5. Add-ons Gallery .

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2-Mozilla Firefox  : Good and New Serfer that it's traying to take (I-E) place in Top sefe Net serfer , it's great and more helpful and Blogger who use it have more options to do withe in posting in ther blogs , and the best thinks is that you cane Personas: Your Firefox & Your Style ...
  1.  Product Home Page : Moeilla Firefox .
  2. More then 30.000 Style for persons your Mozilla Fire Fox page .
  3. Mobile Firfox .
  4. Thunderbird 3 - Free service  .

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3- Safari 4 : Safe net serfer frome Apple - that navigatore that I have never traid to work withe sems good and helpful ...
  1. Product Home Page : Safari 4 
  2. It has so manny option :
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