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Friday, June 11, 2010

Hi ,  a Google New Blogger Service has just gived a new Design Blogger Template where ther is a lot of new templates and new services and you cane edit your new template as you want , and this are some aplications ...  :
1- Click on " Design "  that's circled by Red . 

2- click on  " Template Designer "  that's circled by Red.
3- Now ther is all that seweet and great cool srvices ... :

  1.  Your editing New blogger template pics .
  2. Your live blog .
  3. New Blogger template categories ... .
  4. Every category simple that you cane try for you blog . 
  5. Your blog on the Bloger template chosed by you . 
All what you have to do now it's just to go to your blogger account and start working in your bloger template to make it more sweetable like you want ... Thank you .

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